Why Epidural Injections Can Ease Your Sciatic Nerve Pain

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Lower back pain is a common issue among adults. It can develop after an injury, slowly appear throughout a period of months, or suddenly start hurting and affecting your daily activities. Several factors such as underlying conditions, weight, posture, and heavy lifting can contribute to intensifying the pain. One of the reasons for low back pain is an injured sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in your body and when hurt, it can present as the pressure in the lower back or a tingling sensation that goes through the legs and extends to the foot. Some causes of sciatic nerve pain include herniated disks, bone spurs, and spinal stenosis. Treatments for pain management LA vary from patient to patient, however, Interventional Pain Doctors, explains below how epidural injections can ease and cease sciatic nerve discomfort.

Epidural Injections Treatment

One of the most common treatments for lower back pain is over-the-counter pain relievers. However, this type of medication can only help you short term. Luckily, Interventional Pain Doctors offers other more effective pain management LA options to alleviate lumbar pain. Epidural injections contain a steroid and local anesthesia. It's injected in the epidural space of your spine and provides immediate relief due to the local anesthesia. Additionally, the steroid will reduce inflammation and provide longer-lasting pain relief.

Benefits of Epidural Injections

Interventional Pain Doctors | Pain Management LA

Dr. Fuller, Dr. Heng, Dr. Loder, and Dr. Jeng at Interventional Pain Doctors provide an extensive list of treatments that can ease lower back pain and improve inflamed spinal nerves. Our highly qualified team specializes in performing epidural injections to alleviate your pain. To schedule an appointment, call one of our Los Angeles area offices or visit our contact page on our website.