Herniated Disc

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What is it?

Herniated Disc

If the pain in your neck is accompanied by pain, weakness, or numbness in your arms, a herniated disc might be the cause of your symptoms. If you have pain that comes from a herniated disc, the Interventional Pain Doctors team of spine and pain management specialists will provide expert, customized care. Make the choice to improve your life and make an appointment by calling us or by booking a visit online today.

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What is it?

Discs sit between the bones of your spine. Discs act as shock absorbers and allow movement of the spine. Each of the discs has an interior liquid matrix wrapped in a tough fibrous layer. A herniated disc occurs when the outer layer tears and the soft interior bulges or leaks out. A herniated disc, because of its proximity to the spinal cord a herniated disc is likely to compress or irritate a nerve. Nerve compression and inflammation can cause pain, weakness, inflammation and numbness.


Most discs herniate from trauma or from wear and tear degeneration with age. Carrying extra weight can stress your discs and increase your risk of injury.

What are the symptoms?

Commonly, a herniated disc in the neck will produce neck pain that radiates into the trapezius, shoulder blades, and arm.


The Interventional Pain Doctors team of spine and pain management specialists can diagnose a herniated disc during a comprehensive history and physical examination. In addition, we may also request diagnostic tests such as an MRI or CT scan.

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