Where does neck pain come from?

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Neck pain can be caused by a variety of reasons. Some common ailments suffered by the neck are arthritis, muscle strain, and whiplash. Understanding the symptoms of each type of neck pain can help you decide the best course of pain management Los Angeles to use.


Arthritis is a condition that can arise throughout the joints in the body. The most common cause of arthritis is the normal wear and tear on your joints also known as osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis causes your neck joints to slowly wear away your protective cartilage between joints causing discomfort at the source. The lack of motion caused by arthritis is one of the major issues that can be treated with regenerative medicine Los Angeles. Your treatment will require the pain management Los Angeles team to focus on anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, as well as weight loss.

Muscle Strain

Muscle strain is an extremely common cause of neck pain. Muscle strains come from overstretching, at times to the point of muscle tears. Overexercising, as well as quick and sudden movements, can cause your muscle to need strain ultimately requiring pain management Los Angeles. Muscle strains may cause you to suffer from reduced mobility and feel consistent stiffness when not treated. Using regenerative medicine Los Angeles techniques based on the recommended course of actions from MRI scans and general checkups is the best first step to reducing neck pain.


Whiplash is a common neck injury usually resulting from a traumatic experience such as a car accident. Whiplash is caused by a quick motion of the neck caused by an uncontrollable force. The pain from whiplash can radiate through a person's body and can cause other effects such as dizziness. Reaching out to a regenerative medicine Los Angeles provider is the first step into ensuring that your whiplash won't have long-lasting effects. A provider would then be able to show you possible treatments for your specific symptoms, ultimately setting you up with a detailed pain management Los Angeles plan for recovery.

Interventional Pain Doctors | Los Angeles, CA

There are many causes of neck pain, it is important to come into our pain management Los Angeles office to receive personalized care and develop a treatment plan with our experienced physicians. Dr. Daniel Loder, Dr. Nicholas Fuller, Dr. Chad Hengand and Dr. Jeffrey Jeng are the leading pain management physicians in the Los Angeles area. For more information on neck pain, visit our website or schedule an appointment today with one of our physicians.