Where Can I Receive Facet Joint Injections in the Los Angeles Area?

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While pain is a normal experience for everyone, persistent, ongoing pain that affects your everyday life should not be the case. For those experiencing extreme, chronic joint pain in the neck or spine, facet joint injections may be right for you. To learn more about the benefits of joint injections in the Los Angeles area, read on.

What Are Joint Injections?

Facet joints connect each vertebra in the spine, providing stability and protecting the spine from overextension and over-twisting. When these joints begin to deteriorate, pain can ensue. Facet joint injections are used to treat irritated, inflamed, and arthritic joints in the upper neck and spine. Common causes of facet joint pain include:

Facet joint injections serve the purpose of increasing function and range of motion of the spine, providing relief to the degrading joints. Facet joint injections are a great alternative to surgery and require relatively little to no required recovery time.

Facet Joint Injection Procedure

The facet joint injection involves injecting a small amount of local anesthetic or steroid medication in the joint gap. Pain relief is needed to facilitate the physical therapy routine that is often accompanied by joint injections.

When receiving facet joint injections, the procedure serves two purposes: to provide pain relief and to diagnose the patient’s source of pain. If the patient receives pain relief from the joint injection procedure, our team at Interventional Pain Doctors in Los Angeles can better diagnose and design the pain management plan that works for the patient’s maximized benefit.

How Can Interventional Pain Doctors Treat Facet Joint Pain?

Each injection procedure utilizes image guidance to ensure a precise injection is administered. Contrast dye confirms that the medication was administered in the correct position. If desired, the patient can choose to receive a local numbing agent applied to the targeted area to minimize injection pain and sensitivity. If the patient receives sedation for the procedure, oxygen will be given to ensure that they are feeling comfortable and cared for during the procedure. Once the needles are removed, band-aids will be placed and the patient will be re-located to the recovery room until they are ready to be discharged.

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