What is Kyphoplasty Surgery?

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Kyphoplasty surgery is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat vertebral compression fractures (VCFs). VCFs commonly develop from osteoporosis, cancer, or trauma. It is typically performed on an outpatient basis, meaning the patient does not have to stay in the hospital overnight. Before deciding if a kyphoplasty procedure is the best treatment for your spinal fracture, patients must understand the process, risks, and benefits. Read on for information about what is kyphoplasty surgery, and how it can treat your spinal injuries from the leading team of pain management Los Angeles specialists.

Kyphoplasty Procedure Overview

The goal of kyphoplasty is to stabilize the fracture and relieve pain. Kyphoplasty is typically performed as an outpatient procedure and takes one to two hours to complete. Recovery time is often short, with most people returning to normal activities within a few days.

During kyphoplasty surgery, one of the pain doctors Los Angeles makes a small incision in the patient's back. A special balloon is then inserted through the incision and inflated. The balloon allows the surgeon to create a cavity for the bone cement. Once your surgeon completes the cavity formation, the bone cement is injected into it and allowed to harden. This specialized cement helps stabilize the vertebra and relieve pain.

When learning more about what is kyphoplasty surgery, one important element to note is it is a percutaneous procedure. The pain management Los Angeles physician conducts percutaneous procedures through small incisions in the skin. With guidance from x-ray fluoroscopy, they insert a small Chapel Hill Cannula into the fracture site. Next, a needle is inserted through the cannula and into the center of the vertebral body.

Upon successful insertion, a series of progressively larger balloons are inserted into the vertebral body through the needle and inflated. As the balloons inflate, they create space within the vertebral body and raise it to its original height. This correction fixes deformities and decompresses pinched nerves from the collapsed vertebrae.

After the balloon inflates, your pain management Los Angeles expert removes the balloon and injects a small amount of bone cement into the space created by the balloon. The cement hardens quickly, stabilizing the vertebral body and relieving pain. The incisions are then closed and dressed.

Are there benefits to kyphoplasty surgery?

Kyphoplasty has many advantages over traditional spinal fracture surgery, which often involves the placement of metal rods and screws. Learn more about the benefits that define what is kyphoplasty surgery.

Kyphoplasty Surgery Benefits:

Additionally, kyphoplasty can be performed under local anesthesia, while traditional surgery generally requires general anesthesia. Kyphoplasty is more effective at relieving pain and restoring function than traditional surgery. Although there are numerous benefits to receiving kyphoplasty surgery, you must be aware of the associated risks with the procedure.

Are there risks associated with kyphoplasty surgery?

While kyphoplasty is generally safe and effective, as with any surgical procedure, it does not come without risk.

Kyphoplasty Surgery Risks:

More serious risks include heart attack, cardiac arrest, embolism, and stroke. Note that these procedures experience low levels of complication. Our team of pain professionals specializes in delivering desired results to those with spinal fractures using the kyphoplasty technique.

Experience Pain Relief with Interventional Pain Doctors Los Angeles

Kyphoplasty is a minimally-invasive procedure used to treat VCFs. Kyphoplasty can also treat some types of benign tumors of the spine. The goal of this procedure is to stabilize the fracture and relieve pain. Our team of pain management Los Angeles professionals offers their combined years of experience to provide you relief from your spinal pain. If you think you may be a candidate after reading more about what is kyphoplasty surgery, contact Interventional Pain Doctors today or visit our website.