What is a Hip Labral Tear Test?

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The hip labral tear test is the least invasive practice that confirms your hip labral tear pain. The hip labral tear test, otherwise known as the FABER test, is composed of three parts that help determine the source of your hip pain:

Your leg pain specialist doctor near me will conduct the FABER test in conjunction with other treatments and tests to assess your hip pain. Read on to learn about hip labral tear signs and symptoms, along with each of the moving parts of the minimally-invasive hip labral tear test.

What is a hip labral tear?

A hip labral tear is caused by the strain of the labrum cartilage to the point of tearing due to overextension or the result of an accident. The labrum tissue connects the ball of the thigh bone to the pelvis, holding the joint in place and protecting the hip joint from damaging friction. If left untreated, hip labral tears can lead to an increased risk of developing osteoarthritis.

Common Hip Labral Tear Symptoms:

If you are experiencing these symptoms, it may be time to visit your leg pain specialist doctor near me. Our pain management team assesses your symptoms through a thorough physical exam, including a hip labral tear test to diagnose your pain and develop a customized treatment plan to restore you to peak physical wellness.

How to perform a hip labral tear test:

Our doctors begin the hip labral tear test by having the patient enter a supine position. From here, your pain specialist Los Angeles will begin the assessment.

Hip Labral Tear Test Steps:

  1. Place the injured leg in a figure-4 position. This is where the combination of flexion, abduction, and external rotation comes into play. In order for the test to perform correctly, it is important to ensure that the patient’s ankle is around the knee.
  2. Stabilize the anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) opposite the affected side and apply anterior to posteriorly directed pressure through the knee on the involved side.

Through this process, your leg pain specialist doctor near me will determine whether your hip labral tear test produced a positive or negative result. A positive result is defined by pain recreation in the lower back region and/or the buttocks and groin. Decreased range of motion in the involved side is another common sign associated with a positive hip labral tear test result.

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Through the use of the hip labral tear test with a thorough physical exam, our pain specialist Los Angeles physicians will work with you to develop a curated care and pain management plan to maximize your results and get you back on your feet. The Interventional Pain Doctors team, including Dr. Nicholas Fuller, Dr. Daniel Loder, Dr. Jeffrey Jeng, and Dr. Chad Heng, comprises dedicated, experienced, and highly-trained experts ready to relieve your pain. For more information on how Interventional Pain Doctors can cure your leg and hip pain, visit our website.