Types of Sports Injuries

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Injuries in sports are an unfortunate and common occurrence. These injuries can stem from a variety of reasons including overexertion, improper form, and physical contact. Each of these causes can lead to short and long-term pain spots in a patient’s body. This can include common sports injuries in the arm, back, and legs. These sports injuries often lead the affected to require a relief plan specifically designed by a pain specialist Los Angeles, to heal the injury.

Arm Injuries

Arm injuries are extremely common in sports. Sports such as tennis, baseball, and football can all cause various injuries to occur. These injuries can be seen throughout the arm including areas such as wrists, elbows, and muscular systems. Injuries such as tennis elbow, often require a simple mixture of a routine change and over-the-counter medicine. However, more painful arm injuries, such as UCL tears, will require the patient to seek pain management for sports injuries near me. This is due to the severity of the injury and the need for long-term physical therapy.

Back Injuries

Much like arm injuries, back injuries are extremely common in sports. Injuries in the lower back, upper back, and spine can occur in both contact and non-contact sports. Injuries such as a lower back sprain have been known to resurface often once originally suffered. Thoracic spine injuries stem in the upper back in the rib cage area tend to lead to chronic pain that reoccurs once a specific action is repeated. Issues suffered in the spine are also common and require monitoring from a pain specialist Los Angeles due to the importance of the nerves within the spine.

Leg Injuries

In the world of sports, leg injuries are an increasing concern. In contact sports such as soccer and football, fractures and broken bones are common. These injuries often require two-step recoveries. The first is the rebuilding of the bone itself. The second piece is the muscular recovery from pain management for sports injuries near me professionals. Muscular system issues are also common in the leg. The often used muscles such as the calf or hamstring can become tight or injured over a long period of time.

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