The Effects of Whiplash on Your Body

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Automotive accidents can lead to a variety of painful issues. One of the most common of those issues is whiplash. Whiplash occurs when a patient's neck rapidly jolts back and forth during a traumatic incident such as a rear-end collision. This instantaneous action can lead to a variety of short and long-term effects that are often painful. When in an accident it is imperative to speak with an interventional pain management specialist to ensure that chronic pain does not result from the crash.

Short Term Effects

Accident-related whiplash can lead to a variety of short-term effects. The most common of them is an aching pain in and around the neck. This pain stems from the neck and can transfer to other areas including the patient’s back and shoulders. Along with aching pain, other sharper pains in the affected areas can be felt. This is referred to as a “pins and needles” style of pain. These pains can often lead to a reduced range of motion of the neck. Other short-term pain can be seen in the form of headaches as well as a ringing in the ears. While these effects can be painful, generally with a recommended recovery plan from pain management doctors Long Beach CA, a patient can see the relief of these symptoms.

Long Term Effects

Without proper treatment, the short-term effects of whiplash can become long-term issues. Pain in the neck, shoulder, and even back can turn into a chronic issue that could result in years of pain relief management being necessary. These long-term effects carry on into other affected areas including the ears with the ringing sensation becoming a consistent issue. This is also true with headaches suffered from a weakened neck.

Whiplash can also cause long-term effects that may not be immediately evident. In certain cases, dizzy spells along with blurred vision have occurred. Furthermore, pain in previously unnoticed areas such as the jaw, and extremities such as hands, legs, and feet can occur. Lastly, issues dealing with the brain such as the inability to concentrate or remember certain things can occur without proper treatment from an interventional pain management specialist.

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