The Best Ways to Prevent Tendonitis

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Tendonitis is a common problem that can arise throughout the body. This inflammation of the body takes place in a patients’ tendons, often due to overuse. Tendonitis is a highly common sports-related injury that can be diagnosed by a pain doctor Los Angeles. Tendonitis can also stem from daily activities and work. To help reduce your chances of suffering from tendonitis follow these quick and easy tips prior to physical activity.

Prepare Your Body

Chances are you’ve probably been told to stretch before exercising by a pain doctor Los Angeles. Preparing your tendons prior to physical activity can reduce your chances of a pulled muscle and tendonitis. Taking the time to warm up joints and specific muscle groups, especially the ones you plan to work on, can reduce your chances of pain during the workout itself. Stretching post physical activity is even more crucial for pain management Los Angeles. While your tendons are warm, take the time to stretch them and slowly ease them back to a normal state. For those suffering from tendonitis due to workforce-related activity, take time to prepare your body before entering work and throughout the day with mild stretches. Those in white-collar positions may need to adjust their office set-up, chair, and overall positioning as they go through the day. Keeping your body loose can help ensure one specific portion of your muscular system isn’t being overused while you sit in a stationary position for prolonged periods of time.

Change Your Routine

In most cases, tendonitis results from the overuse of a specific tendon. Patients who routinely participate in regular gym exercise, especially without focusing on multiple muscle groups, can find tendonitis to be a frequent issue. If you are feeling pain during a workout, ease off on the weight and reduce repetition. Another great option for those eager to stay in the gym is to change the specific workout. If you are finding issues in your upper body such as your elbow, shift your focus to working out the lower half of your body. For those in a blue-collar position where reduced effort isn’t a possibility take time to learn about your body’s dynamics prior to repetitive movement. Improving how you handle certain tasks such as lifting heavy items, can help keep not only your tendons from inflaming but it may also keep your skeletal system in order.

Treating Tendonitis For Pain Management Los Angeles

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