Procedures For Back Pain

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There’s nothing that can be a bigger pain in the back than chronic back pain. Nearly 65 million people suffer from some level of back pain, making it one of the most common and costly forms of pain in the medical world. However, understanding that there are procedures that can begin the pain management Beverly Hills process to relieve the underlying symptoms that cause pain can help you get back to doing the things you love sooner.


The spinal cord contains pain sensors that can signal the brain when there is an irregularity in the body. Neuromodulation, also known as spinal cord stimulation, can help block those signals from ever reaching the sensors in your brain. This pain management Beverly Hills procedure is a great way to reduce the need for medications such as opioids that can produce unwanted side effects. Instead, a patient is injected with a metal wire and monitored for 3-10 days to ensure they are viable for this style of treatment. Once approved, the wire will be implanted permanently to continue the pain relief found in the diagnosis stage of the procedure.

Sacroiliac Injection

If you are suffering from lower back pain, your doctor may recommend a sacroiliac injection. This injection is administered through a large needle and is specifically designed to help the lower part of your spine between the juncture of the sacrum and hip bones recover faster. This procedure uses anti-inflammatory medicine to relieve pain stemming from joint dysfunction. Once administered with therapeutic injections, a patient can begin feeling results in as little as three days. However, in some cases, it may take up to two weeks for a noticeable reduction in pain in the inflamed area.


Back pain can result due to compression fractures in the spine. These fractures can cause sharp pains throughout a patient's back. This type of pain is typically treated with a procedure known as Kyphoplasty. Much like a sacroiliac injection, this involves an injection by a pain doctor Beverly Hills at the source of the pain. However, this injection is made up of bone cement designed to stabilize the fracture, allowing it to heal rather than using medicinal anti-inflammatories for pain management.

Back Pain Procedures From A Pain Doctor Beverly Hills

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