Prepping For Back To School Pain

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School is back in session and unfortunately so is the pain that comes with it. Whether you are going to class or studying in your dorm, chronic pain can make the simplest tasks difficult. This school year, take time to prep your body and your surroundings for a pain-free experience. Set yourself up for success with a well-organized dorm and a dedicated plan from pain management doctors Long Beach CA.

Dorm Room Setup

A college dorm may not be the easiest place to make pain-free, but it is definitely a crucial one. A poorly designed room can cause you to suffer from painful pulls, tears, and aches all semester long. The first step to prepping your room to be a pain-free haven is by ensuring you purchase the right furniture for your needs. This is especially true for the two biggest pieces in every dorm room: the bed and the computer chair. A [poor bed setup]( have connected poor sleep,and pains the next day.) can not only bring you chronic pain but can actually suppress your immune system. The same can be said about opting for a poorly designed computer chair. Sitting in an uncomfortable chair can cause the alignment in your body to be affected leading to a spike in pain. Working with an interventional pain management specialist is a crucial pre-move-in step to ensuring your dorm won’t leave you feeling broken.

Dedicated Pain Plan

Classrooms aren’t always the best place for those suffering from pain. The poorly designed chairs can cause chronic pain to increase as the semester goes on. Working with an interventional pain management specialist, set a dedicated pain plan prior to the beginning of the semester. Using this specifically designed pain plan daily is crucial to pain management throughout the semester. Pain relieving techniques along with regular exercise can help ensure your pain isn’t a daily worry.

Back To School With Pain Management Doctors Long Beach CA

If you are looking for a team of pain management doctors Long Beach CA , then Interventional Pain Doctors has you covered. Our mission is to help each student focus on their education without the worry of pain. Our team of interventional pain management specialist uses their combined years of experience to tailor a pain management plan to help you prepare for the school year the right way. Our modern practices such as Ketamine infusion and spinal cord stimulation not only prevent the symptoms they also help prevent further injury from occurring. To learn more visit our website or contact us to see how we can manage your pain.