How Weight Can Affect Your Recovery

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Recovering from pain can be an ongoing process. Whether it's a one-time injury or chronic pain, there are a variety of factors that affect recovery time. One of the major factors in the relief of pain is weight. Excess weight can slow down recovery from major pain spots throughout a patient's body. Working with a LA pain management team can help you not only recover from pain but help ensure your recovery targets the underlying causes.

Joint Health

Weight can be a major factor in pain stemming from poor joint health. As a patient’s weight exceeds a healthy level, the pressure placed on the joints increases, weakening the area. The increased pressure also wears away the cartilage in between bones causing the bones to scrape leading to an increase in pain. As the joints continue to degenerate, a patient can become subject to arthritis. By reducing weight a patient can reduce the breakdown of the cartilage and reduce the pain caused by the degeneration. Working with a LA pain management team, a patient can be recommended weight loss exercises such as pilates, reducing pressure on the pain points in the joints.

Muscular Health

A patient’s muscular health can affect their recovery from pain immensely. Strained or torn muscles are prone to cause chronic pain that can take time to recover from. However, for patients that are overweight, the recovery from area-specific pain can be extended. This is especially true in patients suffering from lower back pain. The excess weight can place more stress on the muscles in a patient's lower back potentially causing painful symptoms such as pinched nerves. Having a lower back pain doctor near me recommend a dedicated pain relief plan focused on reducing pain and the weight that increases it can help a patient recover faster.

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