How To Work From Your Desk With Less Pain

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Sitting at a desk for upwards of eight hours every day can come with some serious side effects. While desk pain can be caused by a number of reasons, most tend to be associated with the prolonged amount of time spent sitting stationary in front of a computer screen. At Interventional Pain Doctors, top pain doctors Los Angeles, we recommend staying active while sitting at your office desk to help manage your pain. Here are three pain management Los Angeles key tips to help you have less pain when working from a desk.

Stand Up And Stretch

Taking a break every hour to stand up, stretch, and get your blood flowing again can help reduce slouch and other bad posture habits. Over time, these bad habits can cause your muscles to stiffen and cramp, as well as a variety of other side effects that might require help from our pain management Los Angeles offices. By taking the time to regularly stretch throughout the day, you are letting your muscles and body realign themselves with how your posture should be, thus preventing bad posture from setting in over time.

Take A Walk

Taking a walk at some point throughout your day is a great way to increase circulation and blood flood while reducing pains. After sitting for prolonged periods of time, your body's circulation can become less effective. By getting up to take a walk, fill your water bottle, or go to the restroom, you are breaking up prolonged sitting for hours on end. These periodic breaks can improve circulation and overall productivity, allowing you to get more done. If you experience persistent pain, contact our pain doctor Los Angeles offices for an evaluation and treatment plan.

Rest Your Eyes

For those that sit at a desk all day, most of the time may be spent staring at a computer screen. While this is efficient for accomplishing work, over time this can take a big toll on your eyes. Taking a short break each hour or so can help reduce strain on your eyes from any electronic screens you have been looking at.

Interventional Pain Doctors | Pain Management Los Angeles

Taking a break from sitting at your desk is incredibly important. All of the tips above can be taken at the same time and have a positive impact on your overall health. If you are having pain management Los Angeles related to sitting at a desk all day, come check out one of our experienced physician pain doctor Los Angeles. Dr. Nicholas Fuller, Dr. Chad Heng, Dr. Daniel Loder, and Dr. Jeffrey Jeng are the leading pain doctor Los Angeles team in the area. For more information, check out our website or schedule an appointment today!