How To Work From Home With Less Pain

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The COVID-19 pandemic adjusted corporate life, making the work from home model increasingly prevalent. However, while this adjustment has become the new norm, the pain suffered by those working from home is still something being discovered. Being able to work from home has given telecommuters the flexibility to work from anywhere, which at times has caused detriment to the body. Understanding what part of the work from home routine causes pain and how to fix it is the first step in the pain management Beverly Hills process.

Causes of Work From Home Body Pain

Working from home has a variety of benefits. The flexibility of the work environment, no commute, and more lax dress code are just a few reasons why the popularity of working from home continues to increase. However, the lack of a stable working position has led to muscular issues in telecommuters. This is evident in those suffering from back pain from sitting on a couch at an awkward angle or working from a table with a chair that isn’t ergonomically designed. Other factors leading to pain can result from the lack of movement due to being in the comfort of being home. Finding a comfortable working position is beneficial to overall pain management Beverly Hills however, the lack of movement can lock up muscles and push parts of the skeletal system into undesired areas.

Steps To a Pain-Free Home Office

Creating a work-from-home office is crucial to reducing the symptoms of chronic pain. The main focus of a home-office setup should be ensuring the proper steps to a correct posture are being taken. Ensure the monitor is at eye level to a comfortable seated position. Having the monitor too low or too high can cause an overextended neck and push vertebrae out of place. Furthermore ensuring that being seated correctly, with a straight spine and neck is crucial to keeping from muscular-skeletal pain. The last step of a pain-free work-from-home routine is taking the time to get up and regularly walking throughout the house throughout the day. This step, when done as recommended by a pain doctor Beverly Hills, can help ensure the chronic pain points in the body remain loose throughout the day.

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