How To Use Epidurals For Pain Management

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Epidurals are a safe and effective way to manage pain during labor and delivery, but they're also used to treat additional pain, including chronic and acute. The epidural is an injection of anesthesia directly into the spinal column, which provides relief from pain quickly and effectively. This method of pain management has been used for decades and is one of the most common forms of pain relief. Here's more information about how epidural injections in Los Angeles work and why they are such a popular form of pain relief.

How An Epidural Works

An epidural works by numbing the nerves in the lower back, providing an area-specific blockage of sensation in the lower body without making patients lose consciousness or become too sedated. This area-specific blockage prevents pain signals from reaching the brain, allowing patients to relax instead of focusing on the pain. When used correctly, an epidural can provide significant relief and LA pain management from symptoms of a variety of ailments, including:

Patients may want to consider speaking with their healthcare provider about treatment options, including epidural injections, for pain relief.


An epidural provides significant relief from back pain by reducing inflammation and blocking nerve impulses that cause pain signals. The effects of epidural injections in Los Angeles can last up to three months or longer depending on how it's administered and the patient's medical history.

Side Effects

Although there are many benefits to using an epidural for LA pain management, there are also some potential side effects to consider before choosing this option.

It is recommended that patients considering epidural injections speak with their healthcare provider at Interventional Pain Doctors, home of the best pain doctors near me.

Epidural Injections in Los Angeles | Interventional Pain Doctors

For some patients, epidural injections are a highly-recommended option for chronic back pains or sciatica symptoms. For anyone considering epidural injections in Los Angeles, it is imperative to speak with your doctor at Interventional Pain Doctors about any potential risks and results associated with this procedure. Learn more about epidural injections or our other services by visiting our website!