How Epidural Injections Work to Relieve Nerve Pain

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Pain can stem from a variety of areas in the body. Muscular tissues, skeletal movement, and nerve damage can cause spells of chronic pain in a patient. While regular adjustments, exercise, and pain management can help cure the pain a patient is suffering from, nerve damage at times requires more. Using an epidural for pain management is a technique that has become more popular in regenerative medicine Los Angeles practices.

Epidurals For Back Pain

When most patients think of epidurals their first thought is pregnancy. However, steroid epidural injections have been the norm for decades. In fact, since 1981, the use of epidurals has tripled. These steroidal injections are specifically designed to target weak spots in the patient's body. Pain management specialists have regularly used epidurals, especially for lower back pain. By directly applying the medicine in the affected area, a patient is able to see results without long-term pain management processes, oral medication, and surgery.

Epidurals For Leg Pain

An epidural is a great way to target nerve pain in a patient’s leg. These targeted injections of ESI steroids focus on reducing inflammation that leads to pain. Once the steroid is applied to the affected area, a pain management specialist can focus on the symptoms behind the leg pain. An epidural for pain management can also be used in conjunction with other pain management techniques including physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and regenerative medicine Los Angeles.

Interventional Pain Doctors | Regenerative Medicine Los Angeles

If you are recovering from a major injury or are looking for a way to reduce chronic pain then receiving an epidural for pain management routine is crucial. At Interventional Pain Doctors, our expert team, comprised of Dr. Nicholas Fuller, Dr. Chad Heng, Dr. Daniel Loder, and Dr. Jeffrey Jeng, will work with you no matter which pain management plan you choose to follow. Visit the Interventional Pain Doctors website today to learn more about our regenerative medicine Los Angeles treatments!