How Can Steroid Injections Help With Knee Pain?

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Since knee pain can impact daily functioning and hinder patients from participating in activities with loved ones, it's best to explore all effective treatment options as soon as possible. Our specialists at Interventional Pain Doctors offer the leading PRP therapy, steroid injections, and epidural pain management treatments to help alleviate symptoms. For combating knee pain, our experts agree that steroid injections offer numerous benefits and can even help improve mobility over time.

Targeted Relief for Knee Inflammation

Just as epidural pain management focuses on pain along the spinal cord, steroid injections can provide targeted relief by directly addressing inflammation in the knee joint. Steroid injections contain powerful medications that can help reduce irritation and swelling.

Common Conditions that Cause Knee Pain:

Rapid Pain Relief

Steroid injections deliver the medication directly to the affected area, resulting in immediate pain relief. This prompt relief can improve a patient's ability to engage in physical therapy or other rehabilitative measures, promoting a faster recovery.

Delaying the Need for Surgery

Steroid injections offer a non-surgical alternative to managing knee pain. By reducing inflammation and alleviating symptoms, steroid injections can delay the need for surgical interventions such as joint replacement surgery. This is especially beneficial for patients who are not ideal candidates for surgery or opt for conservative treatment options.

Minimally Invasive Procedure

Steroid injections for knee pain are a minimally invasive, accessible option for pain management in Los Angeles. The procedure is usually brief and easy to perform, with our specialists using imaging techniques (ultrasound or fluoroscopy) for guidance and precision.

Benefits of Steroid Injection Procedures:

Trust Our Epidural Pain Management and Steroid Injection Experts

Those suffering from chronic knee pain can find lasting relief from steroid injections. At Interventional Pain Doctors, our specialists develop personalized treatment plans to determine the best course of action. With proper medical guidance, patients can find relief from knee pain and regain control over their active lifestyles. Visit our Treatments page to learn more about the benefits of steroid injections, epidural pain management, and our other innovative techniques.