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Platelet therapy, or platelet-rich plasma (PRP), is a revolutionary new treatment that relieves pain by promoting long-lasting healing of musculoskeletal conditions using the power of your own body. Platelets help with pain management Beverly Hills because they contain granules and growth factors that stimulate cells in the damaged causing them to regenerate and repair.

How PRP Therapy For Pain Works

PRP therapy involves taking the patient’s own blood and running it through a centrifuge. This creates a super concentrated mix of platelets that would then be re-injected by a qualified pain doctor Beverly Hills into the injured or inflamed area. The result is a quicker reduction in pain and recovery rate from an injury, including those from a surgical procedure.

Athletes are trying PRP therapy for pain management Beverly Hills and are singing its praises. Whether they play football, run track, wrestle, swim, golfers, or something else this process has shown promise in relieving pain. It is little wonder why people outside of the sports community are taking note and asking how PRP therapy might be able to help them be free of pain.

Proper diagnosis is always critical. Understanding how the injury occurred, when it happened, what the pain level is, and how many areas are affected can help your pain doctor Beverly Hills correctly diagnose whether PRP is the correct treatment for you. If it’s a tendon, ligament, muscle, or other soft tissue damage that is causing the pain then chances are PRP therapy can help you heal better and see a reduction of pain.

Is PRP therapy safe?

All medical treatments have risks, but PRP is a very safe treatment. A simple injection by a pain doctor Beverly Hills is far less invasive than major surgery. PRP is from a patient’s own blood, which means there is no known risk of rejection or allergic reactions. However, patients may experience slight bruising, and/or soreness at the injection site. Any such reactions are temporary, however, reach out to your pain management Beverly Hills specialists should they continue longer than expected.

PRP Therapy at Interventional Pain Doctor Beverly Hills

PRP Therapy can increase cellular regeneration, improve functionality post-recovery, lessen pain, and reduce the chance of future injury. Most patients who get a PRP treatment from one of our experienced pain doctor Beverly Hills will see an obvious decrease in pain after the procedure, sometimes within as little as 24-48 hours. Following the injection, the pain will continue to decrease as the cells heal and regenerate. As your pain management Beverly Hills plan takes effect you will notice pain intensity becomes less as your functional mobility increases. Some patients may require multiple treatments before optimal healing and pain control are achieved, but many see amazing results with just a single injection.

Discover what our advanced platelet-rich plasma therapy treatments can do for you. Our skilled and experienced pain doctor Beverly Hills is ready to help you discover a safer and easier way to treat your chronic pain with PRP therapy. So, stop living in pain and take back control and enjoy life again! Contact us today to schedule a consultation.