Establishing a Pain Management Routine

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If you are suffering from chronic pain, a quick fix rarely exists. Prolonged lasting pain can stem from a variety of causes. Generally, the pain spots require immediate changes to a patient's routine including establishing an exercise routine and holistic medicine health plan. Using a pain management regimine prescribed by a back pain specialist can help you relieve the symptoms causing the pain and reduce the possibility of the pain reoccurring.

Exercise Routine

Exercise is a great way to keep your body moving and keep your musculoskeletal system in check. Regular exercise can help repair, rebuild, and maintain strong muscles that have previously suffered from painful injuries such as pulls and tears. Once a muscle has been rebuilt, routinely keeping the muscle in motion through a variety of movements such as walking, biking, or hiking can keep the area loose allowing blood flow to the affected area. Along with muscular changes, regular exercise can keep your body aligned ensuring bones stay in the correct location. This can help prevent bone in the spine from potentially touching a nerve, causing prolonged back pain.

Holistic Medicine

Along with routine movement, adding holistic medicine to your pain management plan is a great way to combat chronic symptoms. Using wellness practices such as regular chiropractic adjustments can help keep troubling areas in the body from reverting to a painful position. This can include slipped discs causing herniation or pinched nerves. Other forms of holistic medicine such as massages can help serve a similar purpose for those suffering from muscular strains or tears. For those who are rehabilitating from an injury that has resulted in chronic pain, using physical therapy could help speed the healing process along.

Interventional Pain Doctors | Back Pain Specialists

If you are recovering from a major injury or are looking for a way to reduce chronic back pain or pain in general then starting a new pain management routine is crucial. At Interventional Pain Doctors, our expert team, comprised of Dr. Nicholas Fuller, Dr. Chad Heng, Dr. Daniel Loder, and Dr. Jeffrey Jeng, will work with you no matter which pain management plan you choose to follow. Visit the Interventional Pain Doctors website today to learn more about our LA pain management treatments!