Do I have a Muscle Strain or Muscle Tear?

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Playing any sport greatly increases your risk of injury. Often these injuries manifest within the muscles, as over exertion and extension can result in strains and tears. These injuries are incredibly common for pain management doctors Long Beach CA to treat, but many people still struggle to identify the difference when they occur. Understanding the difference can help you seek out the proper pain management for sports injuries near me techniques to recover in a timely fashion and get back to doing what you love.

What is the difference between a muscle strain and a muscle tear?

A muscle strain is caused by the overextension of a given muscle. This often manifests as swelling, bruising, and even redness of the specific area. This pain can be localized to just the one strained muscle or it can be seen as a pain in the joint that works with the associated muscle. A muscle tear is a more severe version of a strain. Generally speaking, a muscle tear occurs during an over-exertion on a muscle, just like a strain. However, with a tear, the muscle rips.

Identifying a Strain

The pain caused by a muscle strain can lead to an inability to use the given muscle or just make your muscle feel weaker than it normally is. Often the severity of the strain correlates directly with the severity of the symptoms. If you are experiencing these symptoms and it is affecting your daily routine, seeking pain management for sports injuries near me is the next step in your healing process. Pain management doctors Long Beach CA will run assessments to accurately determine which muscles are strained and create a comprehensive plan to help you heal quickly.

Identifying a Tear

If you have experienced a muscle tear, you may have heard a popping sound during the injury as well as visual defects in the affected area. This could mean gaps or dents where they previously had not been. Additionally, you should notice significant swelling, bruising, and redness. Along with more intense pain when using the muscle or complete inability to use the muscle and associated joint. With a muscle tear, it is recommended that you immediately seek pain management doctors Long Beach CA to help you with the recovery process. Avoiding visiting pain management doctors California will result in further damage to the area and a longer, more strenuous recovery period.

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