5 Fitness Trends Worth Following For Pain Management When You’re Over 50

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The pandemic has changed everyday routines making it hard for people to stay in shape. This unhealthy change has caused issues in those over 50 as they work towards pain management Los Angeles. To get back on track follow these five quick and easy tips to get back on track with the leading pain management doctors in LA, Interventional Pain Doctors.

Wearable Technology

Modern issues require modern solutions. Using wearable technology such as an Apple Watch can help you monitor vitals throughout the day. This wearable technology keeps you on top of your heart rate while you work out, can display the calories burnt throughout the day, and keeps track of your movement too. This extra piece in your routine shows you if you are doing enough daily or if you need to pick up and add on to your daily routine in accordance with your pain doctor Los Angeles recommended daily plan.

Fitness Classes

Working out alone isn't for everyone. If you find yourself struggling to stay on track when you don't have someone committed to working out with you, try a group class. Gym's and fitness studios tend to offer group classes for all ages with workouts centered around losing weight for pain management Los Angeles.

Weight Lifting

While keeping up your level of cardiovascular exercise is great, mixing in some weight lifting can help keep your body young. Weight lifting helps maintain your body's muscle composition that begins to deteriorate beginning in your 40s. Using a weight lifting regime recommended by your pain doctor Los Angeles can help keep your muscles working correctly and reduce symptoms of chronic pain.

Eat Healthily

Healthy eating (link to other blog written) is the pillar to a healthy pain-free life. Eating a variety of foods including vegetables, and lean meats can help maintain your body and health. As you age look into adding more protein-rich foods to keep your muscle composition. Foods such as nuts, chicken, turkey, and fish can help your body fight inflammatory toxins and aid in pain management Los Angeles.

Get Outside

After spending the better part of a year at home, getting outdoors is a fun way to keep healthy. Take a walk at your local park, go out to the beach or lake, or even take a hike at your nearest hiking location. As travel, because more accessible, try taking a trip to explore and keep your body moving. Activities such as swimming, climbing, and biking all have great muscular and skeletal benefits especially for those in their mid to later years.

Tips for Staying Fit | Pain Management Los Angeles, CA

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