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Hip Pain Specialist

Daniel Loder, MD

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When you have hip pain, it can be almost impossible to find any position that gives you much relief from discomfort. If hip pain is bringing you down, double board-certified pain specialist Daniel Loder, MD, and his team can help. They use advanced treatments such as steroid injections and genicular nerve blocks as well as regenerative medicine to relieve hip pain at their offices in Beverly Hills, Torrance, and Manhattan Beach, California. To find out more or schedule a consultation, call your nearest Los Angeles area office today or book your appointment online.

Hip Pain

What causes hip pain?

Hip pain can be a consequence of an injury, like a fall or auto accident. These types of traumas could dislocate your hip or fracture one or more of the bones in the joint.

You could also sprain the ligaments or tear a tendon in your hip area, typically after taking part in sports, training, or other strenuous activities. These causes of hip pain all result in acute pain at the time you incur the injury.

You could also experience chronic hip pain, which is either due to an injury not healing properly or the cumulative effects of wear-and-tear on your joints.

Causes of chronic hip pain include:


Osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease) develops as the slippery cartilage protecting your bones wears away over the years. As the cartilage erodes, the bones begin catching on one another and scraping together. This causes inflammation, leading to chronic hip pain and stiffness.


Bursitis is inflammation of the small sacs of fluid called bursae that protect your joints. The bursae cushion your joints and help prevent friction. If the bursae come under pressure, they can become inflamed.

Trochanteric bursitis, which affects the bursa at the top of your femur (the greater trochanter), is a common cause of hip pain on the outside of your hip.


Tendons are the fibrous, elastic tissues that attach your muscles to your bones. If you overuse your hip joint or frequently perform repetitive movements for extended periods, it can cause micro-tears and inflammation in the tendons.

Labral tear

The cartilage that lines the socket of your hip joint is called the labrum. A labral tear can occur as a result of injury or the effects of repeated strain on the joint.

How is hip pain diagnosed?

To diagnose hip pain, the Daniel Loder, MD, team first performs a comprehensive physical exam. Your provider needs to see how well you can move your hips and where the pain is coming from. They also review your medical history and your current health.

The Daniel Loder, MD, team members always take time to answer any questions you have. They explain what they're doing and what they find without using confusing technical language.

Depending on the outcome of your physical exam, your Daniel Loder, MD, provider might also order diagnostic tests such as X-rays or an MRI scan. These scans not only confirm the diagnosis but also show your provider the condition of your joints and tissues in detail.

Once you have a diagnosis, your provider can prepare an individualized treatment plan.

How is hip pain treated?

To begin with, your Daniel Loder, MD, provider is likely to recommend conservative treatments involving physical therapies, rest, and activity modification. You might also benefit from taking anti-inflammatory medication to reduce pain and swelling.

The Daniel Loder, MD, team also specializes in using regenerative medicine techniques like orthobiologic treatments. These are injectable preparations containing growth factors and cytokines extracted from your blood and tissues. They can help promote new, healthy tissue growth and reduce inflammation.

These safe, well-established treatments are effective methods of tackling hip pain in most cases. However, if you're not getting the relief you need, your provider can administer steroid injections or a genicular nerve block injection to aid in reducing inflammation and pain.

If you have hip pain, get the treatment you need before your hip worsens and causes more severe disability. Call Daniel Loder, MD, today, or book an appointment online.